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Mayor Marty “Open Mouth Insert Foot” Chavez

Never one to miss an opportunity to look foolish in public, Mayor Marty Chavez once again is trying to stick it to Congresswoman Heather Wilson.

Chávez was quoted today by Congressional Quarterly, which is read by members of Congress and politicos in the nation’s capital and beyond, on the impact the scandal will have on Wilson’s career.

“Heather Wilson will no longer be elected in New Mexico,” [Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chávez ] said, adding that her actions were “reprehensible.”

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Martin Chavez is in ABSOLUTELY NO position to discuss what it means for a politician to act ethically. This is nothing more than a very weak attempt to wipe the egg off his face from the last election.

As I recall, the timeline went something like this:

  1. Mayor Marty endorsed Patricia Madrid.
  2. Mayor Marty LEANED on his appointed fire chief to make a fuss over something where there was no fuss to be made.
  3. Mayor Marty attends a debate where Patricia Madrid has difficulty answering simple questions.
  4. Patricia Madrid loses.

Plus, let’s compare the VERY BRIEF phone calls made to David Iglesias to the Senator Schumer letter to a U.S. Attorney (this is a MUST read).

Yeah, nice try Mayor Chavez. Let’s face it, you, and I do mean you personally, cannot beat Congresswoman Heather Wilson in a race, so quit acting the political jester with your predictions, and concentrate your political energies on races that might actually involve you.