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New Mexico Superdelegates Ignoring Majority

It’s interesting to observe as one New Mexico Democratic superdelegate after another comes out in support for Senator Barack Obama (subscriotion). What is interesting about it is that the majority of New Mexicans voting in the record turnout state caucus voted for Senator Hillary Clinton.

New Mexico Democratic Party Chairman Brian Col√≥n on Saturday threw his support behind Barack Obama’s presidential bid – the 4th New Mexico superdelegate to endorse the U.S. Senator from Illinois.

“He really does represent what the youth in this country want to see in terms of the direction of this country,” said the 38-year-old Colon, one of the youngest state party chairs in the nation.

Colon’s decision capped months of heavy lobbying by backers of both Obama and his opponent, Hillary Clinton: Colon told the Journal he’s received hundreds of phone calls and “thousands” of e-mails since New Mexico’s Feb. 5 Democratic presidential caucus on Feb. 5, which Clinton won by a sliver.

Hmm, I believe that “sliver” is called a majority. I wonder what message this sends to that majority?