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We Don’t Need an Ethics Commission

Why is it the left always wants a government solution to a government problem?

Eli Lee on Clearly New Mexico answers why we need an independent state ethics commission. Shorter Eli: Manny Aragon.

Indeed, are we to believe that since 1992 not one member of the Legislature has had a conflict of interest or used influence inappropriately? Must questions of misconduct rise to the level of a state or federal indictment and prosecution before they are addressed?

We have a solution – a citizen driven, a personal responsibility solution. It’s called elections. Every two or four years we have an opportunity to dump the riff-raff. Regardless, of the power an individual legislator may have hold in Santa Fe, they can be beat by a superior candidate.

Of course, people have to care enough to vote. And, people who are not going to be defined by holding an elected office need to run.