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New Political Blogger Down South

Always glad to welcome a new political blogger to the scene. The latest New Mexican to start poliblogging is Aaron Henry Diaz, a nineteen year old from a political family in Las Cruces. I’m not crazy about his top two choices for President (either McCain or Richardson), but he does ask an interesting question:

I would also like to learn why the Republicans of New Mexico are so inefficient and disunited that in turn allows a one party system in this state. I think Mario Burgos offers a clear commentary on the subject.

Ok, you got me, I liked the fact he says I offer a clear commentary on the subject (see Ben, flattery will get you links). Anyway, check out Aaron’s blog. I’m not sure if he is to the right or the left, but it doesn’t really matter. We need more nineteen year olds in New Mexico who feel blogging “is a tremendous opportunity for me to be a ‘citizen soldier’ and initiate a dialogue on issues that affect our society.”