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David Iglesias’ Performance

Finally, New Mexico’s left of center blogger political blogger, Joe Monahan characterizes the David Iglesias media tour for what it is: a “performance.”

As you an see in this tape, Iglesias’ performance is getting more polished as he continues the drumbeat that is damaging the eardrums of two of our state’s most prominent R’s. He is also more precise in detailing why he believes he was wrongfully fired at the urging of Pete and his fellow R’s.

And let’s not forget the bottom line here:

This is the tightest explanation I have seen from Iglesias. It’s important politically because the charges, if they are to be effectively used against Domenici and Wilson next year in short paid media ads, will have to make sense to a general audience. Iglesias has honed his message and in doing so is laying the groundwork for the Dem consultants who will ultimately market this story to the electorate.

Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it? After all, the truth does not have to get honed. A truthful story is the same every time it is told. It DOES NOT go through redrafts and “honing” to better fit a 30 second attack ad.