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Not So Much As A Nod

While reading the left column of the front page of today’s Albuquerque Journal (subscription), I experienced deja’ vue. It was eerily reminiscent of a post I recently wrote here and here (no subscriptions). Of course, I’m sure their article had nothing to do with my posts since there was nary a word of reference.

Update: Just in case you take the time to read the Albuquerque Journal article (notice the nod), you might pay particular attention to this jewel from the co-founder of Velásquez Magaña Lausell:

Velasquez said he had done consulting work for Richardson between 2000 and 2003, and that the governor had never employed the firm directly.

Personally, I find that a bit confusing. Even more so when you consider the firm’s website prominently displays “Governor Bill Richardson, New Mexico” on their list of current and former clients.