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Patricia Madrid’s Child Predator Hypocrisy

Attorney General Patricia Madrid has been trying to make a case against Congresswoman Heather Wilson with regard to Mark Foley and his fondness for young male pages. Since Heather knew nothing about it, Madrid and her supporters have been trying to spin it that Heather should have known something about it.

Which makes you wonder, why is she trying so hard?

Could it be that she’s hoping that New Mexicans don’t learn the truth. The truth that Patricia Madrid, after spending tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on shameless self-promotional mailers, dropped the ball when it really counted, and put a confessed child predator back on the streets of New Mexico to hunt again.

If we can’t count on Patricia Madrid to protect New Mexicans in the middle of a heated campaign when everyone is watching, how can we count on her in Congress?