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Oh, Is That the Reason?

Attorney General Patricia Madrid’s friendly blogger has this tidbit this morning:

The Patricia Madrid congressional campaign will hold its fire for the time being on TV spots linking GOP congresswoman Wilson to the seamy House page affair. So says an insider, calling the topic “too hot.” Which means the thing could backfire. But Madrid will continue to use the issue on the campaign trail. TV could also come toward the end if the campaign polls say it is needed and would work.

Gee wiz Mr. Monahan, I wonder what makes it “too hot.” Oh, wait a minute. Do you think it’s the fact that Patricia Madrid put a child predator back on the street just three short weeks ago? I guess the Madrid camp would be disappointed with you if you let your readers in on that secret.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

I told them about it last night, so that you can keep picking up your paycheck. No thanks needed buddy. Just consider it a professional courtesy. One blogger to another. After all, if we don’t look out for one another, who will?

Ok, time to change gears. below is last week’s episode of The Line:

Don’t miss tonight’s show at 7:00 p.m on KNME Channel 5. Thanks to everyone who sent in an email of support to the producer. Next week is the last week of my trial phase, so if you haven’t already dropped a note, by all means please do it now.