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People Power[less]

The legislative session is behind us, and by some accounts there was something unique about this session:

But lawmakers and Richardson both noticed something different about this year’s session: more people power.

“I’ve never seen such concern by citizens,” said House Majority Leader Ken Martinez of Grants. “They really took a huge part in it.”

Richardson agreed, noting that issues like cockfighting, gay marriage and medical marijuana, all issues that went unresolved this year, attracted crowds to the Roundhouse.

“There were hundreds of people,” Richardson said. “I couldn’t get in my office sometimes.”

Interesting to note that the issues that drew that largest crowds all went unresolved (i.e. they were killed in committee). I guess that would mean that the session was somewhat of a disappointment to large numbers of citizens. I’m sure Governor Richardson, a man of the people, empathized with the general frustration of the legislators unwillingness to challenge the status quo:

Governor Bill Richardson delivered the following remarks during a news conference today following the adjournment of the 2005 Legislature:

This has been a solid, respectable session, marked by hard work and progress for the people of New Mexico.

Just over sixty days ago, I delivered my State of the State message to the Legislature. When I spoke, I laid out a choice that we faced in our state: whether to accept the status quo or embrace bold, positive change.

Working together, we – the Legislature and my administration – we’ve made a difference for New Mexico.

Oops, I guess I thought wrong. Apparently, the Governor has his mind on other priorities.