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Shoulda Gone To Law School

So, you want to run for highest courts in the land, but really don’t want to take time off of work to do it. No problem. We’ll soon have the campaign package deal that is just too good to pass up (subscription):

Under the measure, Supreme Court or Court of Appeals candidates in a contested general election could receive up to $100,000 in public financing. Candidates in a contested primary election could get up to $25,000.

To qualify for the proposed financing system, candidates would need to collect $5 donations from about 500 registered voters.

That’s right, with just one good direct mail campaign, you could continue with your day job and still have a $100,000 to spend on a campaign. Better yet, if you have a relative in the advertising/political consulting business you could keep the money in the family.

Got to run, I’m going to see if any of my relatives want to run for office.