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Putting You Money Where Your Mouth Is

Dr. Beth Everitt is going to “retire” from APS (read: look for another job) when her contract is over next June. And, surprise, surprise, Mayor Marty Chavez has inserted his two cents about the necessary qualifications of the next Superintendent (subscription):

Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chávez weighed in with his opinion Monday.

“We have a school district that’s in a crisis,” he said. “It’s going to require somebody who’s not afraid to make enemies, including on the board.”

The Mayor has been a big proponent of the City taking a controlling interest in the school district. Something I think is pointless. However, here’s an idea… Why doesn’t the Mayor apply for the job? You know, put his money where his mouth is.

Dr. Everitt is leaving in June 2008, The Mayor is termed out in October of 2009. Instead of trying to run for the Democratic nomination for Governor against Lt. Governor Diane Dennish, a race he is bound to lose, he could campaign hard to be hired as the next Superintendent. It would be a big pay raise, and he could prove that his ideas for running the district are the way to go.

What do you say, Marty?