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Things That Make You Go, “Hmm.”

The Albuquerque Journal today is just full of stories that leave you scratching your head…

Perfect example of what’s wrong with taxpayer funded campaigns (subscription):

A new system for public financing of Albuquerque political campaigns has given about $32,000 to a City Council candidate who is in bankruptcy.

Governor Bill Richardson is upset that (subscription):

The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday reaffirmed its support for an agency investigation that determined US Airways did not violate federal alcohol regulations in the case of a Tesuque man [Papst]who killed five members of a family while driving drunk hours after getting off a US Airways flight.

However, we should be upset that after countless DWI press conferences and initiatives held by Governor Richardson, the fact remains that (subscription):

Records show Papst had been arrested for DWI at least five times in Colorado, Solano said.

Seems to me that it’s the government, not the airlines that put this dangerous drunk on the road.

And in a follow up to Monday’s blog post, the lines continued to to be blurred between UNM and the Governor’s needs (subscription):

The director of the University of New Mexico Cancer Research & Treatment Center used her state e-mail account to help organize a private fundraiser for Gov. Bill Richardson’s presidential campaign.

Hmm, I wonder if the ethics task force is planning to comment on this?