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Richardson Makes First Big Mistake

It didn’t even take five minutes for Governor Richardson to make his first big mistake. He’s back in New Mexico to make his bail out speech from the Presidential campaign, and one of his first acts is to “snub” New Mexico’s political reporters:

Richardson’s withdrawal was expected. But one surprise today was how he treated the New Mexico press corps. Before Richardson appeared in the Rotunda, his chief campaign flack Pahl Shipley announced that Richardson would not answer questions after his announcement. That in itself isn’t exactly surprising. While I was in Iowa and New Hampshire the past few days, practically the only thing that Richardson spokesman Tom Reynolds ever said to me was “The governor’s not taking any questions.”

But where did Richardson go immediately after his speech? To the Capitol television studio to do interviews on Fox News and CNN.

Watch Matt Grubbs’ report on KOAT — specifically the last part. You’ll see campaign aide Katie Roberts telling local reporters to “please show respect” for the governor as he goes about his “official business.”

Official business meaning holing up in the television studio for an hout and a half so he could be on national t.v.

Bad move, Governor. These are the folks you definitely are going to need on your side as you try and thrust a bank breaking HillaryCare type of health insurance mandate on New Mexicans during the short thirty day legislative session.

Of course, I’m not buying the Governor’s line that he’s “back.” The man loves the national press just a little too much for his own good, which means he’s got two choices at this point.

  1. He goes out on the campaign trail for one of the candidates to head up their Hispanic voter efforts.
  2. He becomes a talking head commentator on the presidential campaign for the national media.

I just don’t see him staying put here. Especially, not after the dose of reality those in the legislature are about to give him this session.