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Richardson’s Appeal Waning

I ended up getting stuck on the East Coast on business, so I had to send my proxy to the convention, but thanks to all of the delegates for sending a strong message that more of the same is just not going to cut it.

This past weekend’s Republican and Democratic State Conventions also sent a clear message that being tied to Governor Richardson is not a positive on either side of the aisle. Granted, Geno Zamora, former chief legal counsel to Governor Richardson won the top Democratic Attorney General spot on the ballot by the slimmest of margins. However, the devestatingly wide-margin losses sustained by those others with close ties to the Governor, Bob Schwartz (R) and Jim Baca (D), point to the growing frustration New Mexicans have with the Governor’s antics, and his preference to pursue presidential ambitions instead of focusing his energy on making progress on the most challenging issues facing New Mexicans.