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Richardson’s Next Move for Schwartz

On a daily basis, Governor Bill Richardson faces a dilemma. Should he do what’s best for New Mexicans, or should he do what is best for him politically? Generally speaking, he chooses the latter. Nothing will illustrate this tendency more than the next move made by former crime czar, Bob Schwartz.

When Mr. Schwartz addressed the Bernalillo County Pre-Primary Convention delegates, he indicated that he went to work for Governor Richardson because he could not pass up the opportunity to fight crime – regardless of the administration.

Now Mr. Schwartz has the chance to demonstrate he wasn’t simply blowing smoke. He could drop out of the Attorney General primary race and go back to being the Governor’s crime czar, proving that fighting crime is his number one goal. Or, he could stay in a race that he can not win and confirm that he is nothing but a pawn that Governor Richardson is using to insert himself into the Republican primary.