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Scratch Your Head and Wonder

Sometimes, I just don’t get it. Good old Joe, Joe Monahan that is, has been around the political scene for an awfully long time. So, he knows how the game is played. He knows that to be competitive in the race for New Mexico’s First Congressional District a candidate – even an incumbent candidate – is looking at a minimum $4 million ante. Yet, Joe Monahan continues to post this rubbish:

Meantime, on the Heather front, my Alligators had told us she was up in Farmington recently, her latest stop outside of her congressional district as she appears to be prepping for a US Senate run in the event Senator Domenici is sidelined. Now we’ve received confirmation of the visit in the form of an editorial from the Farmington Daily Times which acted like Heather’s unusual side trip was all in a day’s work. Wilson has also recently been to Clovis, Las Cruces and Los Alamos. If she’s not testing the waters for the Senate, the NM Tourism Department ought to hire her.

C’mon Joe, there’s no prepping for a US Senate run going on here. You know it, and I know it. What is happening is the same thing that happens every single election cycle. A congressional candidate shows up in all parts of the state because he or she is going to have to raise money from all parts of the state. Because of campaign funding limits. you can’t be limited to a certain geography. Instead, you have to raise funds far and wide.

Even Patricia Madrid went deep into what used to be Tom Udall territory, Los Alamos, to hold a campaign fundraiser last election cycle.

So, how about it Joe? Can you stick a little closer to the facts? Otherwise, I’m afraid you’re going to give all of us bloggers a bad name. You keep up this silly US Senate run stuff up, and it won’t be long before an editor of the Alibi is counting you among the “blogger crackpots.”