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Wait, Richardson Got It Started

Bill Richardson’s latest ploy to appeal to the voters (subscription) in Iowa and New Hampshire is just too funny:

Presidential hopeful Gov. Bill Richardson appealed Saturday for an end to the one-upsmanship among states vying to hold the earliest Democratic party primary.

Speaking after a campaign stop at a home in Exeter, the New Mexico Democrat said he believes it is important that the leadoff roles of Iowa and New Hampshire “not be usurped.”

What makes this so funny? Well, it was Bill Richardson who took a leadership role in kicking off this “one upsmanship among states” by pushing for an early Western Primary:

Richardson is leading an effort by four Western states — New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona — to hold a regional primary in the first week in February 2008, shortly after the Iowa and New Hampshire contests. Most of these states have large Hispanic populations and can be won by either party.

I don’t have a problem with the idea of the early Western Primaries, but I think it is ridiculous for Bill Richardson to now try to stop the snowball he got started in the first place.