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So, What’s Next?

We’re only days away from confirming once and for all that Heather Wilson is the victor in the 1st Congressional District race. The canvass has to close by the 17th, so they can’t drag this out more than another four days – unless they decide to file suit. However, Democratic Party Chairman John Wertheim has seemingly backed off of that threat.

Which leaves us to wonder, what is Patricia Madrid going to do next? Will she go back to being a lobbyist? Definitely a possibility. Of course, that would be ironic considering at least one of her early campaign commercials, and one of the televised debate gaffes.

At some point, it had been rumored that she was promised the UNM President slot if she lost. Now, that would be scary. She’s not exactly the poster child for an intellectual institution. I hope her visit to The Pit yesterday with her husband to watch the game was not in preparation for a leadership role at UNM. No, I’m not stalking our Attorney General. She just happened to be sitting a couple of rows in front of me. Gotta love New Mexico.

How about our Governor? On some lists, he has actually moved up to the top five. He’ll be announcing in January his run for the White House, but it remains to be seen whether or not he can raise the money he will need to be truly competitive. My guess is that he’s a number two man on a ticket. Time will tell.

Of course, that means that our Lt. Governor will be the woman in charge in New Mexico for at least the next two years and probably four. The good news for Republicans is that she’s beatable in 2010. The bad news is that if we don’t take back the Governor’s mansion in 2010, we’re looking at the 1st Congressional District being redrawn.

There’s a lot at stake.