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Taxing Public Lands

There’s no denying it. Most Americans are feeling an economic pinch. And, when dollars are tight, families (and everyone else for that matter) look at taking vacations that aren’t likely to take quite as big of a bite out of the family budget.

Vacations a little closer to home start looking very attractive. Vacations like camping in a National Park, or boating on a lake on federal lands. These shouldn’t cost too much, right? Wrong! The Recreation Access Tax just keeps on increasing:

The U.S. House of Representatives has decided to take a serious look at the much-criticized implementation, if not over-implementation, of the Federal Lands Recreational Enhancement Act (FLREA), This is the law that has saddled us the pandemic of new and ever-increasing recreation fees to enter and use our public lands, which is why it’s called RAT, for Recreation Access Tax, by its distracters.

It’s about time. This is NOT a partisan issue. We already work four months of every year to pay for our government. Should we really have to pay more and more every year to pay to enjoy the PUBLIC lands our taxes are already supporting. I don’t think so.