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The Crux of the Problem

During the summer months, Patricia Madrid aired this commercial:


Then at the debate, she said this:


At the debate, Patricia Madrid tried to side step her strong support for a government run healthcare system. Yet, one month earlier Mrs. Madrid had this to say:

Q: What is the best way to make health insurance more affordable for small businesses so they can offer it to their employees?

Madrid: “It’s time to look at another model for providing health care besides putting it on the backs of small businesses. (The cost) is too onerous. We need comprehensive national health care reform. We can’t sustain the employer-based health insurance system in the U.S. Many other industrialized countries have more government supported health care systems.”

“Also, we could expand Medicare and Medicaid. In the interim, I do support small businesses being able to form insurance pools, but it doesn’t solve the overall problems. We still need a comprehensive national health care program to make it more fair to small employers.”

Even within her own answer, Mrs. Madrid contradicts herself.