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There’s Fourth and Then There’s Fourth

I started to write this on Friday, but I was running late for an appointment, so I didn’t get to finish. I’ve been asked a few times over the weekend, what I thought of the Iowa Caucus results.

On the Republican front, I think it’s still anyone’s game. There just won’t be a clear front runner until Super Tuesday. But, watch for the long knives to come out between now and then. As to the Democrats, it’s Obama, Edwards or Hillary – in that order.

There is no amount of spin that can help Governor Bill Richardson save face from the whooping he took last week in Iowa. Sure, the campaign is sticking to its “we finished fourth” line. But, there is fourth, and then there is fourth. When 27 points lays between you and the third place candidate, you’re done, finished, kaput.

Yet, is Richardson calling it quits? Not yet. Mind you, he’s got a job to do here with the pending legislative session, but he’s just not willing to throw in the towel. Why? Well, he likes the national limelight too much. New Mexicans know (or at least they should be now) that Bill Richardson is in the game for Bill Richardson. And, based on the reports of Richardson throwing his Iowa votes to Obama, the Clintons now know it too.

Richardson is a deal maker of the first order. So, what kind of deal do you think he struck with Obama? You don’t think he would shun the Clintons without some sort of backup plan, do you?