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Bill Richardson “Created 85,000 New Taxes”

Governor Richardson has done it again. The Daily Show could have an entire segment on Richardon’s campaign trail gaffes. When the dust settles tonight in New Hampshire, Richardson’s presidential run will officially be over – even if Richardson continues through Super Tuesday.

But, it looks like he is going out in classic Richardson style. I just got this note from a reader:

This morning, about 6:30 am, I was listening to Don Imus on KTBL interviewing Bill Richardson from New Hampshire. The Gov launched into a litany about why being a Gov makes him the best choice to be President. Richardson said “ as Governor, I have created 85,000 new taxes…” when he meant to say “jobs”. Still, I could not help but realize what a Freudian slip that was. I laughed the rest of the way into my office.

Then again, maybe he was thinking about the “85,000 in new fees” that are going to be required to cover the state government spendfest that has been running rampant under the Richardson administration..