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Governor Won’t Make it to Super Tuesday

Ok, everyone in the world knows about the “upsets” in New Hampshire. However, the one upset that didn’t happen was Governor Bill Richardson. He didn’t perform any better than expected. He was in fourth again, but with only five points. A performance that bad puts him much closer to all those who got 0% in New Hampshire than to third place Edwards. Yet, he has pledged to stay in through next Saturday’s caucus in Nevada (subscription):

Gov. Bill Richardson vowed to stay in the Democratic presidential race Tuesday night despite finishing far behind the leaders in the New Hampshire primary.

His second fourth-place finish this month, coming five days after taking 2 percent of the delegate count in Iowa, raised questions about how much farther down the campaign trail he’ll go.

“This race is going on and on and on,” the New Mexico governor told about 150 supporters at a Manchester conference center after the New Hampshire polls closed. “As we head out West the fight goes on!”

The Governor would be wise to drop out before Nevada, or else he risks looking foolish. Right now, he can say he gave it the old college try. Hanging on any longer just starts looking desperate.