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This is Just Too Sad

Every once in awhile, ok maybe a little more often, a politician does something so pathetic, it just makes you feel sorry for him. Take this for instance from KOBTV website:

Chavez, the current mayor and a Democrat, sent out mailers quoting prominent city Republicans praising him. His campaign says everybody knew they were being quoted.

Cargo says he first found out he was in the mailer when one arrived at his home.

“I thought, I wonder who endorsed him,” and “I opened it up and I saw, whoa, me!” he said. “I said I do not want to be included in it. I don’t want my picture in it. I don’t want any quotes in it. I’m not endorsing any candidate period, and I repeated it, over and over and over.”

Unlike the other quotes, Cargo’s does not include his signature. And, Cargo said, the mailer misquoted him. He had said the mayor’s vision had served the city well in the past, but says he said nothing about how it would do in the future.

Come on, how sad is this? This type of performance from a man with a 72% approval rating just eight months ago screams of desperation. It is amazing that a man who has served two terms as Mayor has stooped to this level. Then again, I guess it is in line with previous ethical lapses.