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Winter’s Taxpayer Protection Act

Everyone knows the upcoming city elections are supposed to be nonpartisan – yeah, right. It has been amusing to watch the progressive left take swing after swing at Mayor Chavez. For them it basically comes down to:

… isn’t it time for our local Dem Party to disown Marty Chavez? As far as I can tell, he’s against almost every single progressive and/or Democratic core issue we hold dear. How can any real Democrat support a politico who is vehemently AGAINST the Living Wage proposal, AGAINST cleaning up City elections by reforming campaign funding and AGAINST efforts to use our heads in planning, shaping and regulating the future of our city to benefit the common good?

Ok, so as a Republican reading this, I should be thinking, “My kind of guy.” Problem is.. he IS NOT. Granted, we agree on issues like the absurdity of trying to pass a Living Wage, the ridiculousness of taxpayer funded elections, and the downright anti-American nature of severely limiting property rights. Although on that last point, Mayor Chavez is a lot weaker (subscription) then those on the left would have you believe:

The U.S. Supreme Court’s affirmation that local governments can condemn property for economic development – even on behalf of private developers – drew responses from local officials.

While Mayor Martin Chavez was quick to applaud the ruling, a trio of Bernalillo County commissioners vowed to stay within the time-honored limits.

Mayor Chavez applauded the worse decision to come out of the Supreme Court in recent history. That’s reason enough for any Republican to not seriously consider voting for Chavez. Now throw in his ethically challenged behavior with propensity for big government and there is no way Mayor Chavez should garner a single Republican vote.

I agree with this writer. As Republicans, we should not continue to elect politicians with this inclination to spend and spend. So, it’s no surprise that I’m pleased with Brad Winter’s recent unveiling of a “Taxpayer Protection Act.” Take a hard look at that graph the current Mayor’s spending makes former Mayor Jim Baca look like a fiscal conservative, and making Baca look like a conservative anything is no small feat.