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What a World of Difference a Change Can Make

Successful prosecution of public corruption under former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias (R) and former Attorney General Patricia Madrid (D) was, well, practically non-existent. They were the perfect example of the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. First, Mr. Iglesias botched the Vigil case, and then Ms. Madrid makes a bad situation worse be indicting the witnesses.

Compare that to what just happened yesterday:

Acting United States Attorney Larry Gomez and New Mexico Attorney General Gary King in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) SAC Thomas McClenaghan announce the filing today, Thursday, March 29th, of a federal grand jury indictment charging four defendants in a conspiracy, mail fraud and money laundering public corruption case. Those charged defendants are Toby Martinez, Manny Aragon, Raul Parra and Sandra Mata Martinez. The loss to the State of New Mexico taxpayers of approximately $4.2 million forms the basis of the indictment.

Now, anyone still wonder why neither the former U.S. Attorney or Attorney General have a job. Yeah, I didn’t think so. Oh, and just for the record, Ken Schultz, the former Albuquerque Mayor who plead guilty in this thing, is a registered Republican, so any blogger trying to pretend that these are all Democrats is purposely trying to mislead his readers to keep the Democratic campaign against our Congresswoman and Senator alive.