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Quick Note to Our Wise State Senators

Dear New Mexico State Senators:

Please don’t believe the spin coming out of the Governor’s office that is intended to remove your backbone and get you to vote up or down on the bills being pushed in this ridiculous special session. I say ridiculous because if these were issues of real importance to New Mexicans, they would have been addressed during the regular 60 day sessions along with the VERY important issues of the day – like cockfighting.

Plus, let’s face it, Governor Bill Richardson can’t really be all that committed to the bills he has before you. If he was, Governor Richardson would actually be in New Mexico lobbying for your support instead of taping a comedy show in New York. No, the Governor is sending a clear message that this session is not a priority for him.

Worse, I’m afraid that if you do not hold your ground, you will be the laughingstock of state legislatures throughout the nation. Think about it. Governor Richardson will tell confidants, “I’ve got the legislature on such a tight leash that when I whisper ‘jump’ from New York, they ask “how high?”

Governor Bill Richardson is termed out of office and has already begun looking for greener pastures. On the other hand, you, my dear Senators, could be setting a precedent here that will minimize your effectiveness and transform you to nothing more than a rubber stamping body for years to come.

I hope you will continue doing the right thing and adjourned as soon as you are convened.


Mario Burgos