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A Hispanic Who Should Know Better

This guy, Ruben Navarrette, Jr., has got to be kidding, right? (hat tip: Monahan) I mean how can anyone in their right mind, let alone a Harvard graduate, come to the conclusion that the outcry against “voter fraud” is all about keeping a lid on “surging Hispanic political power.” Have you ever heard of the Viva Bush campaign efforts? We’re not exactly talking about Republicans running away from Hispanics.

But what truly amazes me, is how can anyone who reads a newspaper, let alone a columnist who is syndicated in the Albuquerque Journal, can think that any elected official in New Mexico, especially ones who get elected term after term, could possibly do anything other than embrace the Hispanic vote?

Give me a break.

Mr. Navarrette, allow me to take a moment to introduce you to the state of New Mexico. We have a Hispanic Governor. We have a Hispanic Speaker of the House. We have a Hispanic President Pro-tempore of the Senate. We have a Hispanic Mayor of the State’s largest city. We have a Hispanic Secretary of State. Do I really need to go on? Heck, even the recent Bernalillo County Republican Chairman race was between two Hispanic candidates. Are you starting to get a picture here?

If you want to argue the merits of Mr. Iglesias’ firing, by all means, please do. However, to try and turn this into a race issue is offensive. It is offensive to New Mexicans, and it is offensive and demeaning to all Hispanics.

And as long, I’m talking about the absurd and offensive statements, let’s look at one of the quotes you attribute to Mr. Iglesias:

“I’m a little bit suspicious of the theory that there are a persuasive and large number of illegal immigrants who are voting,” [disgruntled former U.S. Attorney, David Iglesias] acknowledged. “Have some voted in the past? I’m sure some have. But is it large enough to skew an election? I don’t think so.”

Mr. Iglesias how is it that you are “sure some have” voted? Could it be because proof of voter fraud has come before you, but you decided not to prosecute? And since when is it okay for a prosecutor to believe that the law should only be enforced if it is going to skew an election?

Oh, and do I really need to mention the margin in this last election for the 1st Congressional District? We’re not talking about the need for large numbers of unregistered voters – garden variety will do, no need to be here illegally. Just three or so more per precinct would have swung the election the other way.

So, at the end of the day, we have a columnist who shamelessly plays the race card in order to come up with a unique angle on what is becoming a very tired story. And, a former U.S. Attorney who looks more foolish each and every time he opens his mouth to the press. No one needs to attempt to suppress “surging Hispanic political power” when we have spokesmen like these making us look foolish.