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DNC is Pulling the Strings

David Iglesias continued his media tour this weekend with a stop on Meet the Press. The Albuquerque Journal covered his appearance today, and this is the money quote:

Iglesias, whom Bush appointed to the U.S. attorney job, hinted that he was pleased with the aggressive inquiry of congressional Democrats into the White House and Justice Department into the firings.

“I’m seeing Congress exercising an oversight role that’s been absent for six years,” Iglesias said.

It seems that Mr. Iglesias is now unabashedly utilizing the Democrats’ talking points in his media appearances. The Democratic Party’s theme has been to time and time again state “there has been no Congressional oversight” for the last six years no matter what the topic. But, don’t take my word for it:

Regarding business lobbyists – “Business lobbyists have been powerful players with the Congress and the White House under Republican control the past six years. The emphasis was on minimal regulation, easy access to federal rulemakers, many of whom came from industry, and almost no congressional oversight.”

Regarding Domestic Spying – “And there really has to be in our system of law and government, checks and balance, separation of powers, congressional oversight and bob, there has been no meaningful congressional oversight on these programs.”

Regarding Foreign Policy
– “In the past six years, however, congressional oversight of the executive across a range of policies, but especially on foreign and national security policy, has virtually collapsed.”

Interestingly enough, Mr. Iglesias did not express any concern with the supposed lack of “congressional oversight” during his six years as a U.S. Attorney. No, he was more than happy with the status quo as long as he had a political appointment. However, take away that political appointment, and this guy starts looking for his meal ticket – the DNC. As I’ve said before, Mr. Iglesias now seems to have found his place as a rising star in the Democratic Party.