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YouTube Video Proves Inglesias Failed

David Iglesias must really be hating YouTube right now. Yesterday morning, he had an op-ed show up in the New York Times in which he wrote:

“…much has been made of my decision to not prosecute alleged voter fraud in New Mexico…What the critics, who don’t have any experience as prosecutors, have asserted is reprehensible — namely that I should have proceeded without having proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Within hours, The Wednesday Morning Quarterback, put up the video that provides the “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” that Mr. Iglesias failed to do his job after the 2004 voter election fraud.


Well, in all fairness, maybe Mr. Iglesias never saw the video. After all, he did cite to reporters when this all began that his fondest memories of being U.S. Attorney would be the trips he got to take abroad. I’m sure with the busy travel schedule, it was hard to find the time to actually do that whole prosecuting thing.