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What’s Tom Udall Doing in Congress?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but what Tom Udall is doing in Congress is voting to raise taxes on the middle class, families and small businesses. Of course, don’t take my word for it. Instead, read what Democratic Congressman Bill Foster (IL-14) had to say about the tax bill that Tom Udall voted to pass:

“I can’t support a budget, from either party, that raises taxes on the middle class. This bill hurts families all across the 14th District by eliminating the 10-percent bracket for lower-income taxpayers, reinstating the marriage penalty and increasing taxes on small businesses and investments.

I campaigned on a platform of middle class tax relief, and I was elected to Washington to bring about change. When asked to choose between my party and the people I represent, I will choose the families of the 14th District every single time.”

Before my readers on the left start leaving comments about how Congressman Bill Foster is just some sort of rogue Democratic Congressman, I think you ought to watch the recent video endorsement by one of the Congressman’s supporters.


So where does that leave us? Well, I think that leaves us with a novel concept that Tom Udall might want to consider… putting families before party. Congressman Tom Udall wants to become Senator Tom Udall, yet he’s voting to eliminate the 10-percent bracket for lower income taxpayers.

In case you’re wondering what someone in the 10-percent bracket is earning, if they’re single, the answer is up to $8,025 per year. If they’re married filing jointly, it is $16,050 per year. Let me put that another way. We’re talking about people barely making the minimum wage, and Congressman Tom Udall voted to raise their taxes.

Is there any wonder that most people think Congressman Tom Udall is too liberal to be elected to represent everyday New Mexicans in the Senate?