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Gasoline at a $100 Per Gallon

That would be devastating if gas became that expensive, right? Wrong. I hope gas prices keep going up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cringing at the pump just like everyone else. But, I’ve got faith in American ingenuity to solve that problem. And, it’s already happening.

Open a copy of Brandweek, and it seems the Smart Car is all the rage. Flip on the television and the cars being advertised are the ones able to deliver more than 30 MPG. Look in the newspaper, and you can read an article on the plug and drive cars of the future (subscription):

An automotive revolution could soon appear in a driveway near you— a car that needs a lot less gasoline than the one sitting there now.

Depending on how you drive it, the car may need no gasoline at all. Most of its energy, if not all, could come from plugging it in and charging it all night.

You see, we don’t need Congress to dictate auto fuel economy increases. We just need to rely on the market to drive consumer demands. It’s unfolding right before your eyes. Take note.

As gas price continue to increase, it is not just the car choices that will change. Where people live will change too. All of the concern about “suburban sprawl” will become a non-issue as people choose to make their homes in communities where they can live, work and play without burning gas to get from one place to another.

Free markets trump government intervention every time.