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Yet Another Example of a Broken Legal System

I literally felt nauseous reading about this depraved individual and subsequent miscarriage of justice (subscription):

She says she was 6 when it started, when her stepfather took away her innocence and gave her a normalcy of nightmares and, when she was 14, gave her a child.

The molestations, court records say, occurred on a “very frequent basis” for 12 years in stolen moments when her mother wasn’t watching.

It was a secret she kept to herself even after her baby was born in the summer of 2000.

But when the girl turned 18, she told him to stop.

That’s when a different sort of nightmare began, tangled within the complex, overburdened and often unforgiving judicial system.

Nearly four years have passed since Eric Fierro, the girl’s stepfather, was indicted on 34 counts, 30 of which are either criminal sexual penetration or criminal sexual contact of a minor.

Fierro, 37, was also indicted on two charges of threatening the girl and her mother, his wife, and a criminal solicitation charge involving allegations that he asked their 15-year-old son to kill the girl and her boyfriend.

Fierro has denied molesting the girl— at least while she was of elementary-school age.

Court documents suggest, however, that Fierro believes he had a “consensual” sexual relationship with the girl after she reached her teens.

According to one document filed by his attorney, Fierro admitted three times to police “to having sex with his stepdaughter and that he fathered a child by her.”

DNA tests have also concluded that Fierro is the father, prosecutors said.

Complex and overburdened legal system? I don’t think so. It is yet another broken bureaucracy that is failing us – the taxpayers. A monster preys on a child. Father’s a child with that child. He admits to it, and the DNA supports that fact. Why has this guy not been convicted for life and then some? How can judges and prosecutors let this go on and on and on?