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You Can Handle the Truth – Right?

Dear Mr. Iglesias:

I read in a recent article that, in addition to spending time mowing your lawn, you have a couple of other interesting activities to fill your days:

Besides [shuttling his daughters to and from school and their various activities, Iglesias] goes jogging in the Foothills, fields calls from reporters, reads a few blogs and tries to spend a little time each day by the bubbling rock.

I”ve noticed that one of those “reporters” you’ve been spending time on the phone with is Greg Palast, and I’m concerned that maybe someone failed to make you aware the Greg Palast is basically a writer who makes his money peddling conspiracy theory books to further the agenda of the far left. This could become problematic for you as I know you are struggling against those who have portrayed you as a poster boy of the far left:

Whitney Cheshire, a former spokeswoman for the New Mexico GOP, has used her blog to call Iglesias a “poster child” for the Democrats and question what kind of reward he’ll get for his statements.

Iglesias says he’s been approached by envoys for two prominent Democrats – one on the state level and another on the national stage. He won’t say who, and says he doesn’t know what they wanted because he rebuffed the entreaties.

“I told them I’m not interested,” he says. “I’m not a Democratic stooge.”

See, this is a problem. I’m truly afraid that someone is going to question your sincerity. Some may find it difficult to take you at your word regarding that whole “Democratic stooge” thing while you are willing actor in Democratic productions such as this one by Democracy NOW delivering lines like this:

DAVID IGLESIAS: I had no idea that a few local yokels in New Mexico would have enough stroke to get the President to complain.

Mr. Iglesias, we all know that Senator Pete Domenici began complaining about your unwillingness to prosecute voter fraud in New Mexicoin September of 2005 . And, it has been well documented that this led to his asking for your replacement. However, for you to call New Mexico’s senior Senator, a “local yokel” is, well, something that could be portrayed as the act of a Democratic stooge.

But, no worries. I’ve decided to help you set the record straight. I don’t want people to start labeling David Iglesias as “a man who can’t handle the truth.” So, you might have noticed that I’m having a little bit of trouble getting some answers from the Department of Justice to my FOIA requests. Their unwillingness to release documents about you is only going to reinforce the rumors that you can’t handle the truth.

However, together, you and I, can prove once and for all that David Iglesias CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH. Just take a moment and write up a little note authorizing the Department of Justice to release all of the information I requested in my intitial FOIA request. I’ll be happy to swing by and pick up a notarized copy at your earliest convenience.

In pursuit of the truth,